Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Week of Highs and Lows...Temp Wise

I completely failed to achieve that sought after "balance" I talked about in my last blog entry. This past week, the balance" of being active, allowing time to "refuel," was elusive, and not at all present. But I am going to blame the weather.

I was confused about why I felt tired the past two days. I considered my activity level the first 8 days of February--Sunday to Sunday--and it made more sense. It was an extraordinary week, weather wise, and I took advantage of the highs and lows. I'm not sure I'll ever report about another week like this one.

Sunday, Feb 1 - 60 degrees
9am I didn't feel great
2:20pm did my first cross race--Cross My Heart Superbowl of Cyclocross Race by Proteus Bikes
Ridiculous fun(kudos to Jim Venttosa for putting on a great race) with mud, mud and more mud, interspersed with ice that hadn't melted yet. Short Sleeves and shorts.
4pm i was doubled over with abdomenal pain that lasted the next 12 hours(stomach flu?).

Mon, Feb 2 - 40 some degrees
3am pain subsided, finally slept
9m called in sick for the 3rd time in my life--hadn't eaten for 24 hrs--just before race.

Tues, Feb 3 - 30 some degrees
Weak from not eating, but on the mend.

Wed, Feb 4 - 25 degrees evening
6-8:30pm Night snow ride with the girls--trails alternated from snow to ice to mud to snow to more ice. Multiple falls for everyone, but god, what a blast. 3 packs of hand warmers...cold.

Thurs, Feb 5 - 25 degrees evening
7:30-10pm Snowboarding at Liberty with Jon and Josh. Not a stellar boarding performance, but much fun even with the icy slopes and cold blasts of wind on the lifts.

Fri, Feb 6 - 32 degrees evening
Legs a little tired. Jon and I went to art opening in Baltimore, then to comedy club. Great night, but didn't get back til late.

Sat, Feb 7 - 60 degrees
60 mile road ride from Frederick through Thurmont, Emmitsburg, Catoctin Furnace, to see all the covered bridges we could find. Gorgeous sunset...made it back just before dark. I had to ride hard. My single speed gear was a lot easier than Jon's fixed gear. It was getting dark, and I had no lights, so I pedaled as hard as I could.

Sun, Feb 8 - 60 degrees
24 mile rd ride(round trip). Jon, Kevin, Ken and I left from Kevin's house in Woodbine on scenic ride to Bike Swap in Westminster.

Hardly a week of balance. Two days of not being able to eat, and within 24 hrs I am pedaling through snow and ice covered trails in below zero temps. Maybe awareness is at least something...


Mrs. Outlaw said...

It's hard to not want to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather considering what a crappy winter we had.

Just try to give yourself a break every now and then to recharge your batteries.

Blue-eyed Devil said...

So, do you plan on burying this blog in the same plot next to Gary's? I think yours preceded his in shuffling off this mortal coil.

Just wonderin'... ;)

Write something! (Pretty bold coming from someone who still owes you a piece...)

Tomas Jon said...

Don't worry. Just try more and more, sure you will success. I am Jon Tomas and I'm a mountain biker.